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Learn Quran Online in English & Urdu 

All the praises for Almighty Allah (SW) and lots of peace and salutation upon our Master Prophet Mohammad  (peace and blessing be upon him). Learn Quran online in English & Urdu language with live Quran teachers. 

It is a very easy way to learn Online Quran at home through the internet by using Skype, viber, team viewer etc. All you just need a Skype account and high-speed internet. There is no restriction of age. Feel free to contact us. We have highly qualified female and male Quran teachers. It’s a great chance especially for those who are in non- Muslim countries and worried about the basic education of Quran for their kids or for themselves. You can contact with us and start your trial classes. If you are interested in online Quran learning and want to enroll for regular classes click on apply and fill out the form today in sha Allah you will be satisfied. 

quran online in English  

 Simple and Easy way of learning

In the current world that we are living now Internet has played a great role in Online Quran teachings. There is no need to go anywhere you can understand the Holy Quran by sitting at your home. The best thing is a specified time for every single student. For example, if there are 3 Family members, for all of them there is a fixed class duration in which he has to finish his lesson. we teach them separately. in this way you can pay full attention on the lesson. That will help you understand the Holy Quran with full Tajweed Rules. By the grace of Allah (sw) we teach our students with proper Tajwid rules. It is very important to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Allah (sw) said in the Glorious Quran that “recite the Holy Quran (aloud) in a (slow and melodious) style (tarteel).


How to Start

Quranic Classes4 is an online Quran Academy. We offer Quran classes online at home. Your convenient time and days. We have highly qualified Quran teachers. All you just need a good Internet connection and a laptop or any type of Mobile device. We use simple software for live Quran classes. We also help you to install software and other stuff. If you are interested and want to learn the Holy Quran for you or for your kids then you are on the right place. Just fill out the form today and get our free trial classes. We ensure you by the grace of Almighty Allah you will be satisfied. Feel free to Contact us. There is no restriction of age and country we provide online Quran classes all over the world such as United Kingdom, USA, United-Arab-Emirates, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherland, South Africa, India, Ireland New- Zealand etc.

Learn Quran online in English.Quran Online

Online Class detail.

By the grace of Almighty Allah (sw) and his Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) we are working to spread the knowledge of Islam and Quran all over the world through internet.  We start teaching from the very beginning of the Holy Quran with Noorani Book. We take classes one by one and for every single student each class duration is 30 minutes or 40 minutes according to your Plan. In this period of time we first listen the lesson from our students and then teach them new lesson in next 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes at the end of each and every class we teach about the Fundamentals of Islam step by step such as Kalima , Prayer , Faith ,Nimaz- e- Jinaza about the last day of Judgment , about Prophets , last 10 surahs of Quran. 

Learn Quran online in English.


Polite way of Teaching / Quran online 

We teach very politely and do hard work with every single student. We do hard work with our students to give them the basic knowledge of Islam step by step. By the grace of Allah (sw) we are appreciated all over the world Because of our polite way of teaching and hard working with our students. Our Students is our base we encourage everyone to be a good reader of the Glorious Quran. If you have any question then don’t hesitate feel free to contact us. We ensure you if you are interested& want to learn the Holy Quran you will be satisfied. just fill out the form today . We ensure you by the grace of Almighty Allah (sw) you will be satisfied.

Start Learning in Few Easy Steps 

Free Trial Classes

Free Registration

Enroll for regular classes

Highly qualified male and female quran teachers

Affordable fee packages

Learn Quran online at homeQuran online in English / Quran teachers

Quran teachers | Male and female teachers

Quran teachers are well expert in his teaching. Male and female Quran teachers are available. Our teachers are well expert in online Quran teaching in English and Urdu.  

Alhamdulillah our teachers are Hafiz of Quran and Hafiza of Quran. We do not add teacher who just learn Tajweed and start teaching Quran. Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Allah Almighty and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) our female teachers are Hafiza and Qaria of Quran. Our male teachers are Hafiz and some of them are A’lim (scholars).  

We have well trained Quran teachers in order to fulfill the teaching of Quran around all over the world our teachers have a sound knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. You can learn Quran online at home with our live Quran male and Female teachers. Dua

My Master Sayyidina Muhammad (pbuh)

Our Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) he is the beloved of Allah. The one who is the best of All the creations. The Most Merciful One, the Most Kind One. You know people say why you praise the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) too much. You sit around taking about him too much, they can say as much as they like I say his name means the Most Praised one, how can you object with what his blessed name means.Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

If someone ask me why do I praise the Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessing be upon him ) why do I do it I say because the master of Kingdom Allah does it because the creator praises him then shouldn’t sinner like me and you praise the Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessing be upon him) so we gain connection with him.

Learn Quran online in English and Urdu at home

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