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Faith in Allah Almighty. The ALL-EXISTENT

Faith in Allah Almighty. The Lord of the Universe.

Allah’s name i begin with, the most kind, the most merciful. Lots of peace and Salutation upon over Master Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). In this post we will learn about what we have faith in Allah Almighty.  

The term Aqida means Proper Islamic Belief.  

Aqida No 1.

Almighty Allah is One. He has no partners in his Supreme Being, attributes, actions, commands or in his blessed names. Almighty Allah is “Waajibul Wajood” which means the existence of Allah (SW) is necessary all the time. His non-existence is absolutely impossible. Almighty Allah is Qadeem. 

Qadeem means (Always was, always will be: not a creation). Qadeem mean Allah Almighty has not been created. Allah (SW) was always and always will be. It is Allah Almighty alone the most worthy of worship.

it must be understood that Allah (SW) is one.

Allah Almighty is one

Aqida No 2 

Allah (SW) is free from need (be parwa), it means that Almighty Allah is no in need of anything from anyone. Almighty Allah does not depend on anything or anyone. In other words, every single atom in the creation is dependent on the one creator “Allah ” 

The one who think that Almighty Allah created Angels etc. to do certain chores, so these mean that Allah is dependent on them to do these chores. This is totally incorrect. Almighty Allah created the Angels and his servants and gave them the opportunity to serve Him as their Lord. it is the Angels and all the creation that are dependent on Allah (SW) and Allah Almighty is without doubt dependent on none.  

Allah - Allah - Allah (SW)

Aqida No 3 

To comprehend (understand) Almighty Allah’s Being (Zaat) by means of reason is absolutely impossible. That which can be understood by means of reason, can be comprehend Allah’s Being. However, through Almighty Allah’s Works (Afaal), His attributes can be identified and through His attributes, one is able to attain knowledge about the Being of Almighty Allah. 

  • Allah (SW) is Azli and Abdi (all these terms mean non-created, always was and always will be). The attributes of Allah (SW) also Azli and Abdi.
  • It must be understood that Almighty Allah is . Allah (SW) is All Existing’ in other word not created, always was and will last forever

Aqida No 4 

With the exception of Allah’s Being and Attributes (such as Allah is being Most Merciful, The Sustainer, the Most Generous one) everything else is “Haadis”.  

Haadis means it did not exist, and only came into existence after Allah (SW) created them. this means that with the exception of Allah’s Being and His attributes, everything is a creation. In other word such as Angels, Humans, Jins, Earth, Heaven, Prophets, Mountains, River and everything else in the world only came into existence after being created by Allah Almighty so they all are known as “Creation”. In other words, all creation came into existence through Allah’s command. 

  • Any person who says the attributes of Allah to be a creation is a mislead, corrupt person.
  • Anybody who says anything in the Universe to be Qadem (uncreated) or has a doubt in it Haadis (created) is an unbeliever (Kaafir). 

  • anybody who says any attributes of Allah (SW) is a creation such a person is “Gumrah” (mislead and corrupt). 
  • Allah (SW) is “Hayy” which means All Existing. The lives of everything is in His control. He gives life to whomsoever He wills and causes death to Whomsoever He Wills.
  • Allah (SW) has power over everything. There is nothing possible that is out of His power.  
Allah (SW) is Haadis.

Aqida no 5

Existence, Power, Hearing, Seeing, Speech (Kalaam), Knowledge and Will (Iraada) are all His Self Attributes, but He does not depend on ears, eyes, and tongue o hear, see or speak, since these are all physical form (body) and the Rub of the Worlds is free from any physical form. He hears the faintest of sounds and sees the most minute (smallest) of things, even that which can not be seen under the lenses of a microscope. His seeing and hearing, is not only confined to this, but He is all Seeing and All Hearing. We thus say that the Rub of the Worlds (sw) sees absolutely and hears absolutely.

Like all His other Attributes, His Kalaam (Words – Speech) is also Qadeem (uncreated). It is not a creation. The Holy Quran is Allah’s Kallam. Any person who says the Quran to be a creation has been termed a Kaafir, by our Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu anhu) and all the other Great Imams.

His Kalaam (Words – Speech) is free from sound. The Quran Shreef that we recite with our tongue and which we read from written form is the uncreated Kalaam of Rub (SW) without any sound. Our reading, writing and our voices ar Haadis (creation). In other words, our recitation is creation and that which we have recited is Qadeem. Our writing is Haadith and that which we have written is uncreated. Our listening is creation and that which we have heard is uncreated. Our memorizing is creation and that which we have memorized is Uncreated.

The Rub of the Worlds (SW), His knowledge encircles (surrounds) everything, whether it is in full, of partial, or be it present, possible, totally impossible. In other words He knew of everything always (Azali) and still knows of everything and always knows everything forever. Things may change, but His Knowledge does not change. He (SW) is aware of the fears and whispering of the hearts. There is no limit to his knowledge.

He (SW) knows everything apparent and hidden. Ilm-e-Zaati (self knowledge) is His unique attribute. Any person, who tries to prove Ilm-e-Zaati, be it of present or hidden for any but Allah is an unbeliever. Ilm-e-Zaati means Allah’s self knowledge, which is unattained and untreated.

He is a creator of everything. Be it beings or actions. Everything that has been created has been created by the Lord of the Universe (SW).

Allah Almighty.

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