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Blessed Staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as) became Serpent

 The Blesses Staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as) became Serpent 

The Blessed Staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as) descended with Hazrat Adam (as) from Paradise. Thereafter it passed through the different Prophet’s and at the end Hazrat Musa (as) blessed with the Holy Staff. In order to fulfil the commandments of Allah (as) Sayiyduna Shuaib (as) gave the blessed staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as)

At the time of Sayyiduna Musa (as) there lived a devil named Pharaon claimed to be a God. Sayyiduna Musa (as) went to the court of Pharaon to guide him towards the right path, to guide him towards Allah Almighty. Pharaon denied Sayiduna Musa (as) and blamed him to be a magician. Thereafter wonder Mericle were exhibited with the blessed Staff of Hazrat Musa (as).

Hazrat Musa

Blessed Staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as) Turned into a big and Horrifying  serpent

Once Pharaon arranged a huge carnival and gathered a group of magicians of Pharaon Kingdom in order to defeat Sayyiduna Musa (as). In the midst of carnival which was crowded hundreds and thousands of people. One side there was a large group of magicians of Pharaon Kingdom holding their magic devices in their hands. While the other side Sayyiduna Musa (as) were standing all alone yet determined against all of the magicians of Pharaon Kingdom.Ropes

the magicians swore by the grace of Pharaon and threw their ropes and strips onto the ground. Suddenly the ropes and the sticks became hissing snakes slithering all over the field. The whole crowed lost senses out of the fear. Pharaon and all of his magicians swelled arrogance upon demonstrating their show and began to clap arrogantly. Phiron and all of his magicians thought that this is our victory.

Meanwhile, upon receiving the command of Allah Almighty Hazrat Musa (as) placed their Holy Staff on the ground among the snakes. The blessed Staff of Sayyiduna Musa (as) turned into a big and horrifying Serpent that swallowed all of the snakes of magicians.

Upon witnesses this Mericle, all of the magicians of Pharaon kingdom accepted Islam. They had no option to accept the Lord of Sayiduna Musa (as). All of the magicians admitted their defeat and fell prostrate while proclaiming, we brought Faith in him, who is the Lord of Hazrat Harron (as) and Hazrat Musa (as).

How the Glorious Quran has mentioned this Stroy

Holy Quran

They said, o Musa! either you cast or we cast first.
Musa (as) said, may you cast, hence, their ropes and staffs looked to him as they were running by the strength of their magic.
Then Musa (as) got a fear within himself.
we said,fear not, you are the dominance. And cast down what is in your right hand, it will swallow all their makings. That which they have made is the trick of magician. And the magician doesn’t prosper, anywhere he comes. Then all the magicians were made to prostrate. They said we believe in him who is the Lord of Haroon (as) and Musa (as).

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