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Eid-Ul-Adha 2020 , What is Qurbani (Sacrifice of: in Islamic Religious rituals)

Eid-Ul-Adha 2020 , What is Qurbani (Sacrifice of: in Islamic Religious rituals)

Eid ul Adha is a Muslim festival that marks at the end of Islamic Month. Eid ul Adha begin 10 of Zu al-Hijjah (Islamic Month). Muslims all around the world celebrate this festival by performing the blessed act of Qurbani (sacrifice of: in Islamic religious rituals) to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (as).

Meaning of Qurbani & How many types of animals are allowed for Qurbani

Qurbani means sacrifice of, in Islamic Religious rituals.  

Three types of Animals are allowed to sacrifice in the way of Allah (SW) to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) 

Goat, Cow and Camel are allowed (permissible) in Islam to sacrifice with the intention of Qurbani, to get the pleasure of Almighty Allah (SW) and in the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).  

Note : The Animal with the Same Species are also counted in Halaal (permissible) such as sheep, Buffalo etc.

Eid ul Adha 2020

A person who is a Musaafir (on journey) cannot do Qurbani (make a sacrifice of; in religious rituals), if he does it will count as a Nafal (Extra) 

Faqeer (beggar, poor) if he did not specify Herbivores (Janwar) with the intention of Vow (Mannat Mangna)  or He did not buy Herbivores with the intention of Qurbani and he does so his Qurbani will be counted as a Nafal. (Extra). 

For whom Qurbani is Wajib | Eid ul Adha 

In the term of Shari’s Wajib means without performing Wajib your worship would be incomplete but Fard that you have did would be done. 

 For example, In Isha prayer 3 Witr are known as Wajib. If someone doesn’t perform Wajib his Nimaz is incomplete but 4 Farz that you have performed in Aisha prayer are done. If you leave Wajib Deliberately it’s a Sin. if you leave Wajib few times deliberately it’s a great Sin.

There are 4 conditions in which Qurbani turned into Wajib   

  • Must be a Muslim  
  • Must be Freed (not a slave of any person) because the one who is a slave, he doesn’t have Maal (Money) so the worship that is connected with Money is not Wajib for such a person. 
  • Must be a Muqeem (Dweller) because Qurbani (make sacrifice of: in Islamic religious rituals) is not Wajib for a person who is a Musafir (on Journey)
  • Must be a Malik-e-Nisab (a person who can afford)