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Glorious Quran through proofs of its preservation

Faith in Glorious Quran through proofs of its preservation.

All the praise for Allah Almighty and lots of peace and salutation upon our Master Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). In this post we will discuss in sha Allah about Glorious Quran through proofs of its preservation. Holy Quran is the word of Allah Almighty. In the Holy Quran there is no place of doubt.

There are Four Heavenly Books

All the Heavenly books and scriptures are Haq (True), and all are the word of Allah. It is necessary to bring Imaan in that which has been mentioned in all of them. It however happened that Almighty Allah gave the books of the past in the care of the people. They could not protect it. It did not remain with them in the original form, as it had been revealed, because the mischievous ones amongst them made alterations in these books and added and removed information to suit their own desires.

Glorious Quran
However, the Quran remains safe, unaltered. Thus, if anything from these books is presented before us, and it is in accordance with the Glorious Quran, then we should acknowledge it and? if it is contrary to the Quran, then we shall know for certain that it is one of those things that were altered, and if we cannot recognize whether it is in accordance with the Quran or contrary, then we should neither reject nor acknowledge it, but we should say, “We bring faith in Allah, in all His Angels, all His Books and All His Prophets.

There is no Place of Doubt in Glorious Quran

The Holy Quran announces that it is the Word of Allah. “If you have any doubt in this Book which we have revealed upon our most chosen servant, (peace and blessing be upon him) then present a small surah like it and call all your helpers except Allah to assist you, if you are true. And if you cannot do so, and We say that you shall never be able to do so, then fear that fire whose fuel is man and stone, which has been prepared for the unbelievers.” The Kaafirs tried very hard to do this, but they could not even bring one sentence equal to that of the Glorious Quran, and they shall never be able to do so.

As this religion (Islam) is to remain forever, Almighty Allah has taken upon Himself the responsibility of protecting the Glorious Quran. Almighty Allah says, “Verily We have revealed the Quran and verily We are definitely its protector.” Thus, to make any alterations in the Quran in any way is totally impossible, even if the people of the entire world gather together with the intention of altering it, thus anyone who says that any chapters, verses, Surahs, or even letters have been added or subtracted from it, is a Kaafir without any doubt, for he has refuted the verse of the Quran which we have quoted above.

Miracle of Glorious Quran

The past books were only memorised by the Ambia. The miracle of the Quran is that even little children amongst the Muslims have memorised it.
There are seven methods of reading the Glorious Quran that are most well known and uninterrupted. (Allah Forbid) There is no difference in meaning when reading any one of the seven methods. One should read that method which is most convenient for him. The command is that the method that is most prominent in an area should be the method that one should recite in the gathering of the people, like in India (and various other countries) the Qirat of Aasim on the authority of Hafs is recited, so that people do not reject any method and commit kufr (infidelity) by rejecting another method which they have no knowledge of.

Glorious Quran

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