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Government of Pakistan PTI Has been Killing the Muslims in Pakistan.

Cheif of PTI Imran Khan has been killing the Muslims in Pakistan

Allah’s name i begin with the most kind, the most merciful one. Lots of Peace and Salutation upon our Master Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), the Final and Last Prophet of Allah (SW).
Chief of PTI Imran Khan has been killing the Muslims in Pakistan because they talk about the honor and respect of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan raised voice against France because the Government of France disrespected Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We follow Islam. We only Live for Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
If someone talk about us we can forgive that person but if someone talk about Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) we can’t forgive that person. If you don’t know about Islam then why do talk about Riasat-e-Madina.


Bring one proof in which Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said you forgive the one who disrespect Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). You can’t bring it because there is no such a Hadees or the Ayah of Quran. There are so many narration (Hadees) in which the companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) killed the one who disrespected Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). From these narration one is very famous about Ibn-e-Khatal.

Ibn-e-Khatal disrespected Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and was hidden between the wall of Holy Kaaba (the house of Allah Almighty) while the other side there was Gulaf-e-Kaba.
companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) came and humbly requested Ya Rasool’Allah what should we do now there is Gulaf-e-Kaba and the other side there is the wall of Holy Kaaba. Prophet of Mercy (pbuh) said ” kill him”

who is responsible that you have killed more than 100 Muslims in Pakistan from 13-April-2021 up to 17-April-2021

Imran Khan Yahoodi.

Sheik Rasheed ordered the police force and Ranger to attack on Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan because they stand for the honor and respect of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). He blamed on Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan that your are spreading Fitna in Pakistan. In reality Sheik Rasheed is the one who is spreading Fitna and Fassad on the earth. you can clearly listen in his video in which he is saying Kill them and i will destroy the Pakistan. Sheik Rasheed is the enemy of Islam and Pakistan.

  • Imran Khan are you Muslim?
  • why don’t you go use your power to free Kashmir Muslims and Afganistan, Shaam, Iraq etc
  • Pakistan is a Muslim country, in this country we follow the laws of Islam, no one has right to kill any Muslim

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