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Holy Quran

What is the Holy Quran?  

Holy Quran is the book in which there is no place of doubt and it’s a guidance for the people. The words of Allah Almighty. Quran is a Noor that guides you towards your Lord.    

Allah (SW) has said in the Glorious Quran “we have reveled this book (Quran). “So that you ponder over the greatness of this book”.  

The Most Kind and the most Generous Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said” I am going to leave two things behind myself, The Holy Quran and My Family.  If you hold them you will never ever be misguided.     Holy Quran

Can somebody change the words of the Quran?  

No one can change the words of the Noble Quran. Because, Allah Almighty (SW) himself has said in the Glorious Quran “we have revealed the Quran and we are the one who will protect this book till the day of Judgment (Qayamah)”.

How many Chapters and Sarah’s in Quran?

There are 30 chapters in the Glorious Quran and 114 Surah’s. 28 are Maddani Sarah’s, 86 are Maki Sarah’s.

What is the different between Maki and Maddani Surah’s?

The Holy Quran was revealed over the period of 23 years. Different verses came in different times. Makah and Madina are two holy cities. Some surah’s were revealed in Makkah  so that’s why these Surah’s are called Maki Surah’s and some Surah’s were revealed in Madina so these Surah’s are called Maddani Sarah’s. Learn Quran Online in English

What is the important of Quran ?

Quran is our basic education. The friends of devil they are searching day and night that what’s in the Holy Quran why Muslims die for this book brothers and sisters its true we die for this book if someone talk about us, we might bear but if someone disrespect the Noble Quran we can’t bear.   Quran is everything for us.  

It is that book , has no place of Doubt. Allah Almighty challenged every one about the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran itself has a clear prove and a book that no one can reject even a single word of Quran Kareem.
Lord of the world has said ” if you are in doubt with what we have revealed to our Beloved (Prophet Mohammad pbuh), then bring one Surah equivalent to Quran, call all your helpers , if you are truthful.
“you can’t do this, never ever you can do this, fear from hell fire that has oil is men and stones, It is prepared for the Kafireen (non-Muslims)
Holy Quran

Best Translation Quran- From Kanzul-Iman


  • Say you, O infidels! 
  • I worship not, that you worship 
  • And nor you worship what I worship 
  • And I shall not worship what you worship 
  • For you your religion, For me my religion  


  • O My Beloved, say, he is Allah (SW), the one 
  • He is independent 
  • He begot none 
  • And nor was he begotten 
  • And nor is anyone equal to him 

Al- Falaq 

  • Say you, I take refuge with the Lord of daybreak 
  • From the evil of all the creatures  
  • And from the evil of darkening one when it sets 
  • And from the evil of those women who blow in the knots 
  • And from the evil of the envies when he envies me  


  • Say you, I came in the refuge of the Lord of all mankind 
  • King of all 
  • God of all 
  • From the evil of him who whispers evil designs in the heart and slinks away 
  • Those who whisper in the hearts of mankind 
  • Jinn and men 



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