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Welcome to Islam

The word Islam means “submission” or “surrender yourself to the will of Allah (sw). base of Islam & Beliefs. To be a Muslim  You have to testify that there is no God but Allah (sw). He is the only one, he has no partners and also you have to  testify that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) he is the servant and his messenger of Allah(sw)

Faith in Almighty Allah (sw) 

to be a Muslim we have to express our faith in Toheed the oneness of Allah (sw) and also bear witness that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) is the Finial and the last Prophet of Allah (sw)  

Allah (sw) he is the only one. He has no partners. he is eternal and everlasting. He is  Wajib-ul-Wujood whic means the existence of Allah (sw) is necessary at all times .He is Eternal (Al-Qadeem) and Everlasting (Al-Baqi) . None but Allah (sw) most high, is most worthy of limitless praise and adoration. He is the creator of all the Univers. He has power over all the things. He knows what we hide and what we disclosed. 

The knowledge of Allah (sw) Being is beyond all the imagination and all the comprehension. it is indeed impossible to comprehend His Supreme Being by using any amount of Wisdom, presentation, intellect or institution because he is beyond all the imagination and unbound by any amount of limit. it is only possible to imagine something when it has a definite and circumscribed shape or form. But since Almighty Allah (sw)  , most high formless, unbound and unrestricted . any attempt to visualize him is impossible. However one can come to know of the existence of Allah (sw) , most high , through human reason and contemplation of his creation . Allah (sw) has power over all the things. 

 All the Praises for Almighty Allah(sw) 

Allah Almighty, most high, is neither a father, nor a son of anyone and nor has he any spouse. Those who consider him as a father or a son they are known as disbelievers.  

Allah the Most high, all perfections are gathered in him. He (sw) is pure all that is impure, defective, cruel, impertinent and indecent. The presence of any drawback and shortcoming in his being is totally impossible.  Allah Most Exalted, is free from all the confines of time and place, shapes and directions, forms and shapes and all those things that resemble any creation.  

It is only the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) who saw Allah (sw) with his own physical eyes on Miraj (the night of Miraj). There is no partner of Allah (sw) to associate partner with Allah (sw) it’s a great sin. All the praises for Allah (sw) the Most Kind, the Most Merciful. 

base of Islam & beliefs ( definition of Prophet)


Introduction :for a Muslim, it is essential to know about the Prophets, their virtuous and qualities as it is essential to know about the Supreme being of Allah (sw) and his attributes. it is also essential to have a sound knowledge of prophets so that you can save yourself from misleading belief and avoid uttering anything that may amount to degradation of the Prophets. All the Prophets were men. 

Faith in Prophets  

A Prophet is the person to whom the divine Revelation from Allah (sw) , is bestowed for the guidance of mankind . Such a person is also called messenger of Allah (sw) , Most Exalted . 

Allah, the Most-High, sent down many Prophets (as) more are less then 124000 messengers from the time of Adam (as) to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). While some of them have been mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran many others have not figured in it. The Prophets (as) who have been given prominence in the Holy Quran some of them are mentioned here  

Prophet Adam (as), Prophet Idris (Enoch), Prophet Nun, Prophet Hud, Prophet Salish, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ismail, Prophet Musa, Prophet Yaqoob, Prophet Yousuf, Prophet Ishaq , Prophet Sulayman , Prophet Zabur , Prophet Isa (S.A.A) and the Leader of all the prophets is Sayyidna Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessing be upon him ) . there is no more Prophet our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) he is the last Prophet of Allah (sw) . 

base of Islam  (Tamheed-ul-Iman )

Definition of Faith: To believe in all the commandments and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) that has brought from Allah (sw) and we have to accept all of them with the bottom part of the heart (without any shadow of doubt) that is called Faith.  Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) said” none of you is truly believer until i am more beloved to him than his father, his child, and all of Mankind”.

There are 2 types of Faith (Islam)


Translation: I believe in Allah (SW), and his angels, and his book, and his Prophets. I have faith on the day of Judgment, I have faith that all the good and bad destiny is from Allah (SW), and I have faith that there will be resurrection after death.  

Detail :

I believe in Allah (SW) that he is the only one, he has no partners, he is the creator of all the things etc. to know more in detail read at the top of the page about Faith in Allah (sw).

Faith in Angels

Angels are the creation of Allah (sw). Allah (SW) created them with Noor (light). They don’t drink or eat. They don’t marry or reproduce. They are not male or female. They are simply created to obey Allah (SW). They can’t disobey Allah (SW). They have different assignments to accomplish it like the angels of mercy, the angels of punishment, the angel of death so on so.  

The chief of all the angels is Hazrat Jibrail (AS).  The other prominent angels are Hazrat Izrail (as), Hazrat Israfil (as), Hazrat Mikaeel (as) and Munkar-e-Nakeerain 

Hazrat Izrail (as) is also known as the angel of death. His duty is to remove the soul from body whether it’s a Muslim or non-Muslim. At the time of death, the dead person he sees angels everywhere, the angels of mercy, the angels of punishment. A Muslim soul removed with full ease, he sees angels of mercy while the non-Muslims soul removed from his body with pain, he sees angels of punishment everywhere. 

The other prominent angels are Munkar and Nakeerain. Two angels are always with each and every person, one of his left shoulder and one of his right shoulder. They are known as Munkar-e-Nakeerain. The one who is on the left shoulder his duty is to write our good deed (actions) and the one who is on the left shoulder his duty is to write our bad deed (actions). 

Faith in Books

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