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Noorani Qaida


Noorani Qaida is base to understand the Holy Quran that how to read Quran with spelling and without spelling with Tajweed rules .In this book every lesson is designed with specific tajwid rules that helps our students to understand the way to recite Glorious Quran with and without spelling with tajwid rules step by step and lesson by lesson. 

In this book we teach our students about the basic rules of Tajweed and how to recite the Holy Quran with spelling and without spelling. Each and every lesson in this book is very important. 

Arabic language is different from other languages, to read the Holy Quran you must know about bold letters, light letters, Alif Maddah , Wao Maddah , about Tanween , about Sakin ,about Mushadad,about leen letters about throta letters , about Qalqla letters , about Mad sign , about stop sign and how to pronounce a letter , where you can strech the letter and where you can’t etc , these all things we teach our students in Noorani Book .

We do hard work with our students for toung runnig , to identify the letters and its sound. Noorani book also help you to improve you reading with proper Tajweed rules. There are 18 lesson in this book and every lesson has a specific rule for example The Rules of Tanween . 

The most important rules that helps you to improve your reading is Alif Maddah, Wao Maddah and Yaa Maddah. we highly recommend you to start your reading with this book. If you already know that how to recite the Holy Quran then too it’s a best book for ever because Noorani Qaida is base to recite the Holy Quran properly. 
for more information you can watch our recoded videos of Noorani Book. 



By the grace of Allah (sw) with Noorani-Book and Quran-Reading we also teach our students the basic Fundamentals-of-Islam such as

  •   Faith 
  •  Kalima’s 
  • Prayer  
  • Supplication 
  • 5 pillars of Islam



What is Faith? 

To believe in all the commandments and teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) has brought from Almighty Allah (SW). We have to accept all of the teachings, all of the orders with the bottom part of the heart that is called faith.  

The Beloved of Allah (sw) has said that none of you has faith untill I am more beloved to him then his father, his child and all of mankind 

Types of Faith  

There are 2 types of Faith (Iman)  


I believe in Allah (sw), his angels, his books, his prophets, and I have faith on the day of Judgment, I have faith that all the good and bad destiny is from Allah Almighty, I have faith that there will be resurrection after the death.  


I believe in Allah Almighty (SW), as he is with all his names, with all his attributes. I have accepted all the commandments of Almighty Allah (SW) by pledging with my toung and testifying them with my heart.  

First Kalima Tayyb

There is none worthy of worship except Allah (sw), Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) is the last messenger of Allah  First Kalima


Second Kalima Shahadat

I testify that there is no God but Allah (sw), he is the only one, he has no partners, and I also testify that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) is the servant and messenger of Allah (sw) Second Kalima


Third Kalima Tamjeed

Glory be to Allah (sw). And all the praises for Almighty Allah (sw). There is none worthy of worship but Allah (sw). He is the greatest. There is no might and no power except by Allah (sw), the most High, the most Great. Third Kalima

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