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Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida online classes at home

Noorani Qaida is base to understand the Holy Quran that how to read Quran with spelling and without spelling with Tajweed rules. In this book every lesson is designed with specific tajwid rules that helps our students to understand the way to recite Glorious Quran with and without spelling with tajwid rules step by step and lesson by lesson. In this book we teach our students about the basic rules of Tajweed and how to recite the Holy Quran with spelling and without spelling. Each and every lesson in this book is very important. We do hard work with our students for tongue runnig , to identify the letters and its sound. Noorani book also help you to improve you reading with proper Tajweed rules. There are 18 lessons in this book that has been designed for beginner students.

What is the important of Noorani Qaida?

Arabic language is different from other languages, to read the Holy Quran you must know about bold letters, light letters, Alif Maddah, Wao Maddah, about Tawneen, about Sakin, about Mushadad, about Leen letters about throat letters, about Qalqila letters, about Mad sign, about stop sign and how to pronounce a letter, where you can Strech the letter and where you can’t etc. These all things we teach our students in Noorani Book. The most important rules that helps you to improve your reading that is Alif Maddah, Wao Maddah and Yaa Maddah. we highly recommend you to start your reading with this book. If you already know that how to recite the Holy Quran then too it’s a best book for ever because Noorani Qaida is base to recite the Holy Quran properly.

Great Chance to Learn Noorani Qaida Lesson no 1 with Video help

Lesson no 1 is the base to read the Holy Quran. There are 29 Mufridat Letters i.e., Letters in the Arabic alphabets. To Pronounce the Mufridat Letters with the Arabic accent according to the rules of Tajweed and Qiraat; From these 29 letters there are seven letters that always pronounced with thicker sound. There are only 4 letters that has been pronounced with lips.

Wao! Great chance to learn Lesson no 2-3-4-5-6

In the lesson no 2 of Noorani Qaida we will learn how the letters are formed by joining with one another. Whenever we join the letters with one another only the head of letter is written. The complete shape of letter is written at the end of the word. The head of the letter is written in the beginning and middle of the word.

Noorani QaidaLesson no 3 is about Ha-roof-Muqati’t letters. There are 14 words that has been used in the beginning of Surah’s. Maqati’t letters means the meaning these 14 words only Allah (SW) know best and by the grace of Allah (SW) Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) knows best.

Qaida Noorani
Lesson no 4 is about Movements. There are 3 types of movements Fatah, Kasra, Duma.

  • Fatah means we need to raise the sound
  • Kasra means we need to drop the sound
  • Duma means we need to round our lips

The prolongation of Fatah, Kasra, Duma is Zero. We can’t stretch the sound if the letter has Fatah, Kasra, Duma on it.

Noorani Book
Lesson no 5 in Noorani Qaida is about Tanween. Tanween actually means Noon Sakin. Any letter which has Tanween on it we need to add Noon Sakin at the end of the sound. Double Fatah, Double Kasra, Double Duma are called Tanween.

Noorani Qaida
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