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People of Ashab-e-Kahf and the Cruel king Daqiyanoos

People of Ashab-e-Kahf and the Cruel king Daqiyanoos

People of Ashab-e-Kahf and Cruel King Daqiyanoos.The Glorious Quran mentioned this story in Surah-tul-Kahf. Allah Almighty lifted Sayyiduna Isa (as) towards Skies and the Christian begin to worship Idols and compelling others to worship idols. From one of them there was a king named Daqiyanoos, he was very cruel. In his Kingdom if someone would refuse to worship idols, he would kill him. People of Ashab-e-Kahf ran away from his Kingdom to save their Iman (belief) from the cruel king and took refuge in a cave in a nearby mountain and went to sleep. They remained asleep for a period of more than three hundred years.

cruel king Daqiyanoos came to know the presence of Ashab-e-Kahf

cruel king Daqiyanoos came to know the presence of the people of Ashab-e-Kahf in the cave. He decided to barricade the cave with a stone wall so that they may die their and cave may become grave for them. However, the person who was assigned to barricade the wall was a very pious man. He engraved the names of the people of Ashab-e-Kahf, their number, their whole incident on a slate that was made by copper box and buried it in the foundation of the wall that he erected.

king Daqiyanoos died, King Badroos became the king

As a time passed and the king Daqiyanoos died and kingdoms kept changing until a very pious person, named Baydroos, became the king. Baydroos ruled the country for sixty-eight years. In his time the different groups of people raised and deny the belief in resurrection after the death and the day of Qayaamah. The pious King Baydroos confined himself in a room and did Dua: ‘ O Allah (SW), reveal such a sign that people start believing in the resurrection after death and in the Day of Qayyamah. This invocation of the King was accepted in the blessed court of Allah Almighty.

A shepherd selected the cave of Ashab-e-Kahf

A shepherd selected the same cave in which people of Ashab-e-Kahf took refuge to save their Iman from cruel king Diqiyanoos as a shelter for his goats. He decided to break the wall down as soon as the wall fell down, the people who broke the wall they were struck with extreme horror and run away. By the command of Allah (SW) the people of Ashab-e-Kahf woke up from their sleep and exchanged greetings (Salam) and begin to read Nimaz.

Yamleekha was sent in Bazar to buy Food

After reading the Nimaz they sent on of the companions, name Yamleekha in Bazar to bring some food. Also find out secretly what Diqiyanoos intends to do with us. Yamleekha went to the market and see new people, Islamic laws and also heard from people taking an oath (Qasam) by the name of Prophet Isa’s (as). Yamleekha was so surprised to see all of this because anybody who would refuse to worship idols Daqiyanoos would kill him, anybody who even take the name of Islam or take an oath (Qasam) by the name of Prophet Isa’s (as), he would kill him. He was very shocked that how come this revolution has taken place?


The coins was three hundred years old

Afterwards, he went to a shop to purchase food and gave a coin of the times of Diqyanoos to the salesman. This coin was no longer in use and there was no one alive who could recognize that coin either. The people of Bazar (Market) thought perhaps the have discovered some old treasure. Therefore, they handed him over to the authorities of Bazar. They interrogated him about the treasure. Yamleekha said, there is no treasure. This is our money. The authorities of Bazar said how can we believe this coin is yours? This is the coin that is three hundred years old and centuries have passes since this coin was in use. We are old and you are still young.

Yamleekha said we solve the problem tell me about the king Daqiyanoos. The Hakim of Bazar said Today, there is no king with this name on the face of the earth. Hundreds of years ago there wa a cruel and unjust king with this name, who was an idol worshipper. Yamleekha stated, it is a matter of just a day before that we ran away from his kingdom to save our Iman and took refuge in a cave. My companions are still in the cave. You people come with me. When they went and saw there were other people who are in the cave and those who were in the cave, they heard the sound of people and thought Yamleekha might have been arrested so the people of Ashab-e-Kahf engaged themselves in the emembrance of Allah Almighty and started seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty.

People discovered the slate and read its contents

The Hakim (authrotious of Bazar) discovered the copper box when they reached the cave. They took the slate out and read its contents. They discovered that the names of the people of Ashab-e-Kahf were written on it, and it was also written that they are the group of true believers who had taken refuge in this cave to save their Iman (faith) due to the fear of cruel king Daqiyanoos. Daqiyanoos barricaded this cave with a wall to confine them. The Hakim (authorities of Bazar) were stunned to read all of this that were written on the slate.

The Hakim (authorities of Bazar) informed their king Baydroos about the event. The King Baydroos rushed to the cave along with his courtiers and the distinguished people of the city. The people of Ashab-e-Kahf came out from the cave and revealed their entire story. King Badroos fell into prostration and thanked Allah (SW) that his invocation was accepted. The people of Ashab-e-Kahf prayed that may Allah Almighty protect the king and his kingdom and went back inside the cave and sleep again. Allah Almighty removed their soles in the same state.

King Baydroos constructed a mosque at the entrance of the cave, fixed an annual celebration day, and asked people to visit it on that day like an Eid day.

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