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Belief in Prophethood | Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Beliefs Concerning Nabuwat (Prophethood) | Faith in Prophets

Allah’s name i begin with, the most kind, the most merciful. Lots of peace and Salutation upon over Master Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Just as it is of utmost importance for a person to have a sound knowledge when it comes to Belief in Allah Almighty, it is also utmost important to have a sound knowledge when it comes to beliefs concerning Prophethood. In sha Allah by the Grace and Mercy of Allah Almighty we will discuss very important belief in Prophethood

Definition of Nabi (Messenger of Allah Almighty) and Aqida about Prophets

  • A Nabi refers to that human, on whom Allah Almighty sent down Wahi (revelation) for the purpose of guidance.
  • Rasool is not only specific to humans, as there are Angeles as well who are Rasools. All Nabi were human and men. Neither has any Jin or woman been a Nabi.
  • It is not compulsory upon Allah Almighty to send Prophets. Through his Grace, Allah (SW) sent down Prophets for the purpose and guidance of the people.
  • The revelation (Wahi) is only unique to Prophets. One who accepts this for any non-Nabi (Prophets) is a Kafir.
  • It is must for revelation to descend upon Nabi, be it through an Angel or without any means. The Lord of the Universe revealed various scriptures (sahifas) and Heavenly Books upon various Prophets in which four are very famous.
  • Torat it was revealed to Prophet Moosa (as)
  • Zaboor it was revealed to Prophet Dawood (as)
  • Injeel it was revealed to Prophet Esa (as)
  • The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). The best of all the creation.

All the Heavenly books and scriptures are Haq (true). All are the word of Almighty Allah (SW). It is necessary to bring Imaan in that which has been mentioned in all of them. it however happened that Allah Almighty gave the book of past in the care of people. They could not protect it. It did not remain with them in the original form as it had been revealed. Because the mischievous ones amongst them made alterations in these books and added and removed information to suit their own desires. However, the Quran remain safe, unaltered.

Thus, if anything from these book is presented before us if it is according to the Quran, we will testify this, if it is contrary to the Quran then we shall know for certain that it is one of those things that were altered. And if we cannot recognize whether it is in according with the Holy Quran or contrary, then we neither reject nor acknowledge it. In such a condition we should say, ” We bring faith in Allah (SW), His Angels, His Books, His Prophets.

Allah Almighty has taken upon Himself the responsibility of protecting the Quran. Allah Almighty says in the Quran ” Indeed we have revealed the Quran and we are the one who will protect this book”. Thus, to make any alterations in the Quran is impossible. Anybody who says that any chapters, verses, surah or even a letter have been added or subtracted from it is a Kafir without any doubt because he has refuted the verse of Quran that we have just mentioned above.

The past books were only memorized by the Ambia. The miracle of Quran is that even little children amongst the Muslims have memorized it.

Nabuiwat (Prophethood) is not something that one can attain through striving or through Worship. This is something that is bestowed by Allah Almighty that through his Grace and Mercy He has bestowed it upon whom He Wills. Indeed, Allah Almighty has given it to those whom He has made worthy of this position. Who are pure from all undesirable qualities and with most exalted character and has passes through the various levels of closeness. Whose body, actions, words and movements are pure from all that which is disliked. They messenger (Prophet of Allah) are blessed by with the most perfect intelligence, which is very much more powerful than the intelligence of others.

Faith in Prophethood. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
  • It is compulsory for a messenger (Nabi) to be ” Masoom” which means absolutely free from the ability to sin). This is a unique quality of Nabi and Angels. There is no one innocent but Prophets of Allah Almighty and Angels. Allah (SW) protects them they do not do sin.
  • The Prophets (as) have passed on all the commands to the people which Allah (SW) revealed upon them for the guidance of people. Anybody who says that any Prophet did not pass down all Allah’s commands due to fear (Taqiyya) or any other reason is a Kaafir.
  • It is absolutely impossible for Prophet to make mistakes and errors in propagating the commands of Allah (SW). The Highest.

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