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About Us

Welcome to Quranic Classes4. Hanafi Brelvi .

Quranic Classes4 is an online Quran Academy that encourages everyone to be a good reader of the Holy Quran.And the Holy Quran is the book in which there is no room of doubt and it’s a guide for the people. To spread the knowledge of the Quran we have started online Quran courses all over the world through the Internet. we made it more simple and easy to learn the Holy Quran. And you can get our trial classes which are free of cost. we have highly qualified male and female teachers and they are experts in online Quran teaching. we provide you the best services. And we have a well-designed course for Quran reading with full tajweed rules.

Quranic Classes4.

is an online Quran academy that offers classes for all levels of learning. In their classes, students will be taught the Islamic fundamentals. And principles that are important in order to fully comprehend the Holy Book. They will be taught how to make interpretations, memorize the Holy Quran. And perform other actions and rituals associated with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Classes are designed to teach students the basics of the Holy Quran. and they will be taught the fundamentals of the Arabic language. How to read, understand, and recite the Holy Book. So, they will be taught how to memorize and perform other activities based on the Holy Prophet’s teachings. And they will also be taught the meanings of some of the most commonly used Arabic words.

A typical class will include reading, memorizing, and reciting the Holy Quran. They will be taught to learn about the meaning of the Arabic language. How to read the Holy Book, and how to make the interpretations of the verses. They will also be taught to memorize the Holy Quran.

Quran Academy

Quran Academy