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Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization

Memorization of Quran with live Quran tutors

All the praises for Allah Almight and lots of peace and Salutation upon our Master Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) Quranic Classes4 offer the great chance for the Memorization of Quran all over the world.

If you are expert and know how to read the Holy Quran with spelling and without spelling then you can start the memorization of Quran with live Quran tutors.Memorization of Quran

Course has been divided into 3 Parts. You can select one of them to start the memorization of Quran with live Quran tutors. 

    1. Memorization of Selected Surah’s 
    2. Memorization of Last Chapter  
    3. Memorization of Complete Quran 

Memorization of  Selected Surah’s

  • Memorization of Surah Al-Baqrah
  • Memorization of Surah An-Nisa
  • Memorization of Surah Al-Maa’ida
  • Memorization of Surh Yaseen 
  • Memorization of Surh Al-Rehman 
  • Memorization of Surh Al-Waqia 
  • Memorization of Surh Mulk  
  • Memorization of Surh Jin  
  • Memorization of Surh Al- Muzamil 
  • Memorization of Surh Al-Muddasir 
  • Memorization of Surh Qeyamah  

Note :You can Either Select all of these six Surah’s or select few of them. Quranic Classes4 provides you a great chance to memorize the words of Allah (SW) with live Quran tutors. We ensure you by the Grace of Allah Almighty you will be satisfied. 

Memorization of Last Chapter | Chapter No 30  

There are 37 Surah’s in this Chapter. In this part of course you can memorize the last chapter of the holy Quran. Once you done that you are free to continue or discontinue. If you are interested and want to memorize more Surah’s of the Glorious Quran than you can memorize. We encourage our students to memorize the Holy Quran as much as you can because it is the book that will bring light for you in your grave. It is the book that will make intercession for you on the day of Qeyamah 

Memorization of Complete Quran | Recommended

Allah Almight has Said in the Glorious Quran” we have made this book easy for remembrance” So is there anyone who wants to memorize the Holy Quran.  

We Recommend you to memorize the Holy Quran from the beginning up to the end. We do hard work with our students to memorize the Holy Quran. We have well designed course and experienced teachers. They are well expert in online Quran teaching.  

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) has said: “that heart is destroyed heart in which there is not a single verse of the Holy Quran. Illuminate your houses with the recitation of Quran as well as illuminate your heart with the memorization of Quran. 

Memorization of Quran