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Quran Reading

Quran Reading with full Tajweed. Best and very easy way for beginner students.

We offer Quran Reading with Tajweed Rules.The Quran was reveled with Tajweed rules applied to it. In this section of Course we do hard work with our students to make their tongue running in both ways with spelling and without spelling with full Tajweed rules. We do hard work with our school books but we have left the Holy Quran as it is said by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) “Illuminate your houses with the recitation of Quran”. My dear brothers and sisters there is nothing equal to the words of Allah(sw).

after reading the Noorani book by the grace of God students will be able to understand how to recite the Holy Quran with spelling and a tiny bit without spelling with Tajweed rules. and then we start the Holy Quran properly by making their tongue running. For more detail you can also visit our video section.

There are 30 Chapters in the Holy Quran.

  • We teach our students how to read Holy Book with and Without Spelling
  • We encourage our students in both ways, with and without spelling

We teach our Students Quran with Tajweed rules step by step.

We do hard work from the very beginning of the Holy Quran. We start first from the last few Surah’s of Holy Book in both ways, with spelling and without spelling. Arabic is the mother of all the languages. There are so many thing that we need to follow while reading the Holy Quran with spelling or with spelling.For exemple

  • If the letter has fatah before Alif then Alif is called Alif Maddah.
  • If the letter has Dummah before Wao Maddah then wao is called Wao Maddah.
  • If the letter has Kasrah before Wao Sakin then Wao is called Wao Maddah To understand this rule, you need to memorize the diffination of Maddah’s letters. Whenever you come across these 3 letters during the recitation of Holy Book, we need to stretch the sound for 2 seconds. We guide our students with proper Tajweed rules. For more detail you can visit our YouTube Chanel in which we have uploaded our students recorded videos of Quran reading. Quran Reading