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Rules of Fasting for Ramadan

Rules of Fasting for Ramadan

Allah’s name i begin with the most kind and the most merciful. In this post we are going to talk about few rules of fasting for Ramadan. Ramadan is the month in which the Glorious Quran was revealed.Fasting of Ramadan has been made Farz (obligatory) for Muslim in Ranadan.

For Whom Fast is Farz | fasting

Fasting is Farz (must) for every such (Male and Female) Muslims the one who is a sane (free from mental disorder) and reached puberty. It is stated that Fast were declared Farz (must) in 10th Shaban 2 years after Hijrah.

Rules of Fasting for Ramadan

Conditions of Fasting.

  • Make a Firm intention, Remember! The Fast (Roza) it will not be accepted if you don’t make a firm intention for fasting even though if someone abstain drinking and eating from the time of Sahoor till the time of Iftar

Time to make an Intention for the fasting of Ramadan


  • From the time of Sunset (Ghroob-e-Aftab) till the time of Early morning (Dakwa-e-Kubra) you can make a firm intention for fast (Roza)
  • From the time of Sunrise (Dakhwa-e-Kubra) to the time of before the Sunset if someone make an intention for fasting (Roza) it will not be accepted.

Women should be pure from Two things

  • Menses (The monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause.)  
  • Nifas : (discharge of blood after giving a baby birth)

Rules of Fasting for Ramadan |

Allah (SW), most high has said o believers! Fasting have been made Farz upon you as were obligatory upon those before you, so that you may become pious.

The days are counted Then who so is among you ill or on a journey then same number of fasting in other days, and those who have no strength, they should give in ransom meal to a needy: then who so does more is good voluntarily, then that is better for him, and fasting is better for you if you know. What are the Rules of Fasting for Ramadan and can you drink water during the religious month?

Rules of Fasting

The month of Ramadan in which the Holy Quran was sent down, the directions for the people and guidance and clear signs of Qeyamah.; then whoso of you finds this month, necessarily, he should fast in it, and whoso is ill among you or on a journey then same number of fasting in other days; Allah (SW) desires facility for you and desires not hardship and for this; you should complete the counting and speak of the Greatness of Allah (SW), as he guided you and so that you may be grateful.

Rules of Fasting


What is the meaning of Journey in terms of Sharia’h |

In the above mention Ayah Allah (SW) has said then whoso is ill among you or on a journey the fast the same number in other days. Remember!  

  • In the term of Sharia’h (Law) Journey mean not less than 3 days.
  • If someone has started his journey after Tuloo-e-Fajr (early morning) for such a person it’s not permissible to do Iftar of day time
  • if someone has started his journey before Tuloo-e-Fajr (early morning) for him it’s permissible to do Iftar.
  • if he started his journey before the time of Sahoor (Early morning)

What Quran says about patient

  • If there is a chance that the Illness will increase because of fasting so there is freedom for patient 
  • If there is a caution of Doctors! that if you fast your illness will increase then such a  person is also in the Hukam of patient.

Few things that are not caused to cancel the Roza

  • If a fasting person eat something by mistake
  • If a fasting person drink water by mistake
  • To do backbiting (talk ill about Muslim brother while he is not present)
  • To do intention to break the Roza but didn’t break the Roza (fasting)
  • by mistake something went in throat like smoke (Dhowan), dust(Gard-0-Ghubar), bee (little flying bird) up to throat