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Sadqa e Fitr

How to Pay Sadqa e Fitr

Allah’s name i begin with, the most kind, the most Merciful one
Lots of peace and salutation upon our Master Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
We fast in the month of Ramadan to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty.As we fast in the Month of Ramadan similarly we have to pay Sadqa e Fitr.

Sadqa e Fitr

Sadqa e Fitr is wajib in 3 Conditions

  • Must be a Muslim
  • Free from Slavery
  • Must be a Malik-e-Nisab

Sadqa e Fitr is Wajib for the one who is a Muslim, Free from slavery and for Malik-e-Nisab.
The one who has a 7 Tola Gold or has a 52 Tola Silvar is Malik-e-Nisab.Person must be the owner of the worth of Nisab even if it is not passed one year on the worth then too he has to pay Sadqa-e-Fitr. It became Wajib at the time of Subah Sadiq (early morning) of Eid-ul-Fitr.

It is Mustahab to Pay Sadqa e Fitr before to go in Masjib for reading the Nimaz of Eid-ul-Fitr. If it is paid before or after the Nimaz of Eid ul Fitr then too it will be accepted. Keep in mind it is Makrooh if you delay to Pay Sadqa e Fitr.
It is not permissible to pay Sadqa-e-Fitr to any Non Muslim.

to Whom you can pay Sadqa e Fitr

You can not Pay Sadqa e Fitr to your Father, Mother, Grandfather (Father of your father), Grandmother (mother of your father), Grandfather (father of your mother) Grandmother (mother of your mother)
in the same way you can not pay Sadqa e Fitr to your own son, your daughter, Grandfather can’t pay to his Grandson or granddaughter from both side, Grandmother can’t pay to his Grandson or Granddaughter in both side
Except these that we have mentioned above, you can pay to anyone else.

How much we need to Pay Sadqa e Fitr for one Person

you can pay money equivalent to the Market Rate of your country 2.25 kilogram of wheat for one person

  • In Pakistan Sadqa e Fitr is fixed 125 RS Per head

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