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Rules of Tajweed for Noorani Qaida

Tajweed Rules of Noorani Qaida

Arabic Language is the mother of all the language. In this post we are going to discuss some important Tajweed Rules of Noorani Qaida.

Tajweed Rules of Joining the letters

The rule for joining the letters is, only the head of letter is written in the beginning and in the middle of any word. The complete shape of letter is written at the end of the word.There are two ways to identify the letters,by shape and by dots. We can identify the letters by its shape or by dots.

Tajweed Rules

What do you know about Haroof-e-Muqattia’t?

There are 14 letters in the Quran which are known as Haroof-e-Muqattia’t.The meaning of these 14 letters (Haroof-e-Muqattia’t) are only known by Allah (SW) and Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). No body else knows the meaning of Haroof-e-Muqattia’t letters.

How many types of Movement

There are 3 types of movement

  • Fatah (Fatah means we have to raise the sound.)
  • Kasrah (Kasrah means we have to drop the sound.)
  • Dummah (Dummah means we have to read the sound by rounding the lips.)

.Whenever you come across the letter which has a Fatah, Kasrah or Dummah then do not stretch that letter.The prolongation of Fatah, Kasrah, Dummah is just zero

What is Tanween

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Double Fattah is Tanween

  • Double Kasrah is Tanween
  • Double Dummah is Tanween

Tanween actually means Noon Sakin which is hidden in Sound.

How many Maddah’s letters?

There are 3 types of Maddah letters | Tajweed Rules of Maddah letters

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Alif Maddah

  • Wao Maddah
  • Yaa Maddah


Definition of Alif Maddah

If the letter has Fatah before Alif then Alif is called Alif Maddah.

Definition of Wao Maddah

If the letter has Dummah before Wao sakin then wao is called Wao Maddah.

Definition of Yaa Maddah

If the letter has Kasrah before Yaa Sakin then Yaa is Called Yaa Maddah

How many Rules for Alif | Tajweed Rules

There are Four Rules for Alif

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If Alif Has Fatah, Kasrah, Dummah or Sakoon Sign than Alif will be changed into Hamza <li>If Alif comes as a Alif Maddah than we can read Alif. If it is not Alif Maddah we can not read Alif. <liWhenever we make a stop if the last letter is Alif than Alif will be changed into Alif Maddah <li>If the letter Noon comes with Fatah before Alif than we have to skip the Alif . In that case we can’t read Alif. It goes against the rule.

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